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Review of The Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

Are you looking to hit longer tee shots and lower your mid handicap? Have you been struggling to improve on your number of good shots versus bad? Often, a mid handicap golfer will get stuck in a rut not because they lack skill or technique, but rather due to using substandard equipment that does not allow them optimal results when it comes to achieving better distance, ball speeds, or even launch angle.

To increase chances of going from mid to low handicap, especially when contending with now longer and more challenging courses, it makes sense to consider investing in a new golf driver. Our top recommendations of the best golf drivers aim to see you achieve better shots for your swing speed.

Before we delve into our top choices for golf drivers, let look at the factors you should consider when choosing your next big stick.

Qualities To Consider When Choosing A Golf Driver


The right shaft flex will mainly depend on your driver’s swing speed. Mid handicappers can fall within a wide range when it comes to swing speed. Here is a useful guide on what shaft to choose based on your swing speed.

70-80 mph : Senior Flex (A)

80-90 mph : Regular Flex (R)

90-100 mph: Stiff Flex (S)

100+ mph: Extra Stiff Flex (X)

You can easily test your average swing speeds using a launch monitor at a driving range or pro shop. When getting fitted for clubs, you will get the opportunity to try different golf drivers suited to your measurements. Many shops do this for free and will measure your swing speed as part of the stats they collect. You can also use a swing speed clip that is attached to the shaft, though this is not usually as accurate.


The loft refers to the angle of the clubface as positioned to the shaft. This factor, in combination with shaft length and swing speed, plays a major role in determining what distance you will get when the ball travels. Generally, drivers for mid handicappers are golf clubs with the lowest loft. Loft in golf drivers typically varies between about 9 to 14 degrees, with mid to low handicappers abler to handle lesser degrees.


A mid handicapper requires a forgiving driver to maintain distance with even off-center hits. Choosing a driver with maximum forgiveness will deliver a powerful and reliable swing. The more forgiving your driver is the more responsive it will be to any error in your impact position.

If you have a lower mid handicap, this factor may not carry as much weight however if you are on the higher side, it will certainly help in hitting further and straighter. Not to mention that golf drivers have a much larger head that makes it harder to miss that sweet spot. Aim for a driver with a higher loft and low spin rate for more forgiveness.

Adjustable Features

Adjustable drivers are something of a double-edged sword despite being considered great value for money. This kind of golf equipment can be helpful when trying to improve your drives as you can have greater control of various specifications. From adjustable weights that can boost forgiveness and launch angle to the hosel that can alter loft and lie angles, these modern drivers are increasingly becoming the standard. However, this can cause confusion, the more you keep adjusting settings. For simplicity’s sake, it is advisable to choose moderately adjustable drivers.

Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicap Golfers

1. Cobra RadSpeed

The Cobra brand has earned a good reputation for bringing new tech into the golfing world and their RadSpeed range is a testament to their ability to innovate. This golf driver has one of the best sweet spots with a beautifully symmetrical head and features radial weighting.

It is visually appealing, sticking primarily to a staid black and white format on the crown, complemented by bold yellow/blue/red color streaks. Not too flashy, but still worth a second glance.

The Cobra RadSpeed has a solid feel to it with excellent strike quality. Its 460cc head makes for the fastest ball speeds and lowers the spin rate. However, even as a good all-rounder option, it is less forgiving with mishits more likely to result in lower ball speeds.

It carries a front radial weight of 32 g and 14 g in the back to provide good vertical impact stability. The forward-biased radial weighting design on a low spin driver does help add more distance. It also means less loft on impact with a lower angle but more penetrating ball flight. The weight plates can be adjusted back and forth, as can the loft from up to down of 9 and 10.5 degrees.

Cobra offers an impressive range of golf shaft options for the RadSpeed, including the stiff HZRDUS Smoke RDX Blue, the stiff or regular Motore X F3, and two options of the Fujikura Motore X.

Note that you can get more forgiveness by opting for the Cobra RadSpeed XB driver. This golf driver carries more radial back weight and features a modern head design with a wide head. You get more dynamic loft on impact which delivers a higher launch.


  • Generous sweet spot for easier toe and heel hits
  • Adjustable hosel of +/- 1.5° with three Draw settings
  • Lighter Thin-ply carbon crown for improved slow swing speed
  • Strong high-pitched contact sound without shrillness
  • CNC milled infinity clubface that offers the best precision


  • Not as much forgiveness as its counterpart the XB
  • Limited add of more distance but can improve straightness
  • May make hitting a draw or fade harder

2. Taylormade SIM 2 Max

Though not much of an improvement on its predecessor, the SIM 2, the SIM 2 Max does provide better forgiveness and makes for the best option for most mid handicap golfers who have never tried any of the clubs from this range. It is touted by its manufacturer as a more forgiving and high launching alternative to the SIM 2, making it a good contender for anyone looking for game improvement clubs.

This driver club releases a reassuring and resounding crack when striking a golf ball while sporting an admirable matte-finished composite look done up in black and gray. It also has a carbon crown with streaks of color on the leading edge.

The construction of the Taylormade SIM Max driver is longer from front to back and features split mass weighting with tungsten used in the rear and TPS in the sole. Sole flexibility is enhanced by its Speed Pocket design that adds to forgiveness and better ball speed. Its sliding weight is simpler but you can still make some adjustments to the loft sleeve if not satisfied.

The head weighs 24 grams, which offers better MOI and forgiveness. It has a large face that delivers a higher launch and more ball spin. It also incorporates the brand’s signature Speed Injected Twist Face for correcting off-center hits and the SIM Inertia Generator that adds aerodynamic clubhead speed.

The SIM Max driver is available in standard lofts of 9, 1.5, and 12 degrees at 460cc. As for the stock shafts, you have an option between the Fujikura Ventus Blue and KURO KAGE Silver.


  • Improved clubhead speed
  • Improved aerodynamic design for faster ball speed
  • Excellent value for money
  • Simple adjustability
  • Good if you want to fine tune shot shape


  • Left-handed golfers lack as many options
  • The headcover golf gear lacks tasteful designs

3. Cleveland HB Launcher Turbo Driver

One of the more affordable options of all the drivers on this list, the Cleveland golf driver offers a classic shape to its Turbocharged Cup Face that is more variable and taller, making for a generous sweet spot and better consistency with off-center strikes. Though not an adjustable driver, it outstrips many more expensive models in terms of yardage and stability. It comes with a deceptively simple matte finish aesthetic for those that prefer discretion.

Its HiBore (HB) Crown is strikingly similar to what you get with a PING and has a low center of gravity with a lightweight hosel. This helps distribute weight to a greater depth and deliver a higher launch with incredibly more speed. Its aerodynamic design is characterized by the raised ridges along the rear of the crown.

Deep weighting allows for better weight distribution that increases MOI, improves forgiveness, and achieves better ball speed. Its overall lightweight design is a boon to many an average golfer looking to boost their slower swing speed and gain increased distance. The Turbo comes with a Miyazaki C Kua’s counterbalanced golf shaft design that features a higher center of gravity closer to the grip, providing more head mass for a better swing.


  • Lightweight design for fast swing speed
  • Easy to use
  • Stable on impact
  • Impressive performance for the money
  • Ideal for those struggling with a slice


  • Makes an off-putting high-pitched sound
  • Not the best choice of golf club for higher swing speeds

4. Srixon ZX5

With a powerful feel and powerful look, the ZX5 is a popular choice amongst mid handicappers thanks to its ability to help lower scores. From the same makers as the Cleveland range, this driver club comes with a very simple design with a thin topline and little markings on the crown. Its rounded crown and triangular-shaped rear grant it a very forgiving design that makes it one of the best drivers.

It produces a higher launch angle and spin than its very similar-looking counterpart the ZX7 which is targeted at a lower handicap range. The ZX5 was designed with high handicap golfers in mind and sports a flattened shape with a larger footprint. Ideal for even an average golfer looking to hit his golf ball higher and execute straight drives backed by lots of forgiveness. It has an adjustable hosel that allows for variation in the loft, lie and face angle.

It emits a loud metallic sound on impact that many golfers during golf game have even termed explosive. However, it is not considered particularly unpleasant, but rather helps add to its feeling of powerfulness as it provides strong feedback.

This golf equipment has lofts of 9.5 and 10.5 degrees. This forgiving golf driver comes in two golf shaft options of HZRDUS Smoke Black and Project X EvenFlow Riptide in regular, stiff, and extra stiff shaft flex.

The ZX5 does feature Srixon’s new key technology dubbed the Rebound Frame. This face design consists of ridges and flexible zones that help to focus energy with each strike so more ball speed is transferred into the golf ball. The face is flexible towards the center with a more rigid zone surrounding it. The crown is made of carbon fiber weave that though larger than many other models, pushes more mass lower and deeper for better MOI and more forgiveness. Interestingly, you actually achieve better distance even with toe hits.


  • Simple yet high-performance design
  • Innovative Rebound Frame Technology
  • Large sweet spot that allows even toe hits to achieve more distance
  • Single weight design for improved head stability
  • Higher MOI for more forgiveness


  • For more adjustability opt for the ZX7
  • A little known brand that many golfers would not be confident trying

5. PING G425 Max

PING is a top brand responsible for many of the simple but best drivers and other golf clubs in the market. Their G425 driver introduces new technologies meant to boost MOI. The G425 Max driver is particularly noteworthy for being useful to the widest range of mid handicappers thanks to its abilities in low spin, high launch, and added forgiveness.

Despite being fairly simple to hit with, this driver club achieves impressively penetrating and higher ball flight that leads to more distance, even with the same slower swing speed. A better outcome for anyone looking to lower their handicap with added effort during a golf game.

It features an improved Dragonfly Crown Technology that provides greater weight savings to its 460cc head. It includes a 26-gram tungsten movable weight that can be adjusted to distinct settings over a small area. This ability to adjust the low center of gravity even further down and to the back grants mid handicappers control over the level of forgiveness and shot shape. MOI can increase by as much as 14% across all weight positions of neutral, draw, and fade.

It also includes the brand’s T9S+ forged face that incorporates twist face technology for achieving more distance and an internal rib structure that provides a pleasing acoustic sound on impact. It also features an adjustable hosel with an expanded range of 8 positions for varied loft and lie angles. The G425 Max driver also features turbulators that make it more aerodynamic and able to boost slower swing speeds.

It is available in 5 shaft options including PING Alta CB Slate, PING Alta Distanza, PING tour 173-65, Aldida Rogue White, and Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw Orange.


  • Minimalist classic head design with a generous sweet spot
  • Delivers more straight drives with reduced shot shapes
  • High launches with incredible forgiveness
  • 8-position adjustable hosel – Trajectory Tuning 2.0
  • Pleasing acoustic sound


  • Near similar qualities with the PING G425 SFT and PING LST, but Max edges them out

6. Cobra King Speedzone

The Cobra King Speedzone makes for quite the deal for anyone buying golf drivers. The successor to the renowned King F9 Speedback, it shares much of the same design concepts and technologies. This driver head features a unique and expanded CNC infinity milled face that is built for generating more speed. It incorporates a thick leading edge with face and parameter curvature that is more precise than what can be accomplished with traditional face polishing.

It features front to back center of gravity weight adjustability that makes it easier to fine tune launch and spin while still retaining much forgiveness and achieving a fast swing speed. Its titanium construction is lightweight yet still able to hold up well during impact. It also includes a 360 carbon wrap crown that provides good support to the chassis and added stiffness.

The Speedzone is one of the best quality Cobra golf drivers and overall best drivers thanks to its low center of gravity created by moving about 29 grams of mass lower for higher launch angles to be achieved. The head also has a more aerodynamic design for better airflow around it with reduced drag and increased club head speed.

It maintains the formula-one-inspired aesthetic of the Speedback but with cleaner lines for easier alignment. Has lofts in 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees. It also comes in a Tensei AV Blue 65 shaft, available in light, regular, stiff, and extra stiff.


  • Large CNC infinity milled face
  • Provides a good view of the ball for better alignment
  • More traditional and cleaner design
  • Improved stability thanks to a lowered CoG
  • Pleasing sound and solid feel


  • Limited value addition to the F9 Speedback
  • Poor choice when hoping to fine tune shot shape

6. Titleist TSi2

One of the best all-rounder drivers for mid handicappers, the Titleist TSi2 is a high-end choice of golf driver that does not disappoint. Its design is focused on ensuring high handicap golfers achieve better ball speed and increased distance. Though on the higher end of the price spectrum, it comes from a range often seen in golf course competitions.

It features several innovative technologies, a classically beautiful design, and high performance. Its textured face is built using ATI 425 aerospace titanium that delivers increased ball speed, even on mishits. It also incorporates an aerodynamic design that reduces drag and improves club head speed. The reshaped head now disperses MOI high and low on the new golf club, making for a better outcome in terms of speed and distance, even with mishits.

Though last on this list, it is arguably the best adjustable driver of its time thanks to its ability to deliver consistently good distance with amazing forgiveness. It is an adjustable driver with the hosel allowing for an adjustable loft of up to 1.5 degrees, up or down. This provides more control to cut or draw off the tee.

The crown is encased in glossy black with just a small and simple TSi marking, while the shaft is more subdued in matte finish. However, even the lack of coloring does not distract from its sleek sophistication, making it a worthy addition to any golf bag. It comes in 4 lofts including 8, 9, 10, and 11 degrees and multiple shaft options like the Aldida Tour Green, Fujikura Air Speeder, MCA Kuro Kage Black, and Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV Blue.


  • Sleek understated aesthetic
  • Adjustable SureFit hosel
  • Low spin and high launch with incredible forgiveness
  • Strong but appealing acoustic sound


  • No shot shape adjustability
  • The face is easily marked by impact with golf balls