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Best Women's Golf Driver 2022

There is a variety of golf equipment that you should have in your golf bag. Amongst the most essential is the golf driver. Traditionally, golf drivers fell under the woods category of clubs that are larger than other golf clubs. However, today you will find that these golf clubs are made of a wider variety of materials including steel, titanium, and graphite. No matter your level of expertise in the game, you must have a driver whenever you head out to the golf course.

What Is a Driver

While you can get golf drivers in a variety of shapes and sizes, they tend to be the longest type of golf club that comes with the largest club head of any club. They are primarily used for tee shots when golfers want the golf ball to travel as far as possible toward the green. Drivers are mainly used on par 4 and par 5 tee shots with the goal being to achieve the most distance.

Sweet Spot

Their large clubhead means that there is a more generous sweet spot to work with. The sizing tends to be larger for steel heads than wooden ones. If you can afford the more lightweight but expensive titanium drivers, you will find that their club heads are even larger. This means you have an even better chance of making good contact with the golf ball when you make golf shots.

However, it does not mean that choosing a driver with the largest clubhead will be the best option for you. The general rule of thumb is for better golfers to opt for a smaller head that affords them better control, while beginners would do better with a larger head that provides an expanded sweet spot.


Another unique distinction of the driver is in its loft. This is the launch angle of the hitting area of the clubhead. Typically, the driver features a lower loft angle than other clubs. It usually varies between 8.5° to 13°.

Those with a smaller angle are used when looking for a lower trajectory while those with a larger angle are for achieving a higher trajectory and distance. Female golfers tend to struggle in achieving a high trajectory and therefore most golf drivers for women tend to have a larger angle of between 12° to 16°.


The shaft of the driver is naturally what gives it its generous length. Standard golf drivers for women have a shaft length of about 44 inches, although it is possible to get a driver that is longer with the limit being 48 inches. A longer shaft can help in achieving greater distance, but it can also mean some loss of accuracy.


The flex in the shaft should also guide choice. Beginners do best with shafts that have more flex. There are five main types of shaft flex, including Ladies (L), senior (A), regular (R), stiff (S), and extra stiff (X). If you have a faster swing speed, you will want a stiffer shaft flex. If you have a slow swing speed, you will want more flex. This ensures a reasonable lag of the clubhead that will allow for a better strike when the golf ball comes in contact with the sweet spot.

Adjustable Drivers

Adjustable drivers have become an increasingly popular option with newer models of golf clubs. They allow golfers to alter loft settings, which can impact ball trajectory. It is also possible to find a golf driver that allow golfers to manipulate the positioning or distribution of weight in the clubhead. This can be used to alter the center of gravity in the head.

Golfers that use these types of drivers will often make the adjustment by switching out specific screws for alternatives that are heavier or lighter. Heads that also have the weight distributed towards the perimeter offer more forgiveness. Altering the center of gravity can also improve slicing or reduce hooking. You may be able to shift this balance point to any end of the head. It is possible to get custom fitting for this positioning.

Where the weight can be shifted more towards the back of the head, more ball spin and lower ball flight may be achieved. With a more forward-positioned center of gravity, extra ball speed can be achieved with reduced ball spin. More forgiveness is also achieved when the moment of inertia (MOI) is higher. Clubhead shape and size can also impact speed. A golf driver with an oversized head can help maximize speed.

It is by choosing a driver with attributes that best match your skill level that you can achieve your desired goals in terms of distance. Even as we look at some of the best offerings for 2022, be sure to pay more attention to how it can improve your game rather than aesthetics. However, do ensure that the appearance of the golf driver you choose, particularly on its head, does not distract your focus when teeing off.

Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Drivers

Men’s and women’s golf drivers tend to differ in three aspects. The shaft length, flex, and material. These factors are meant to grant ladies golf drivers more forgiveness and better accuracy. Forgiveness refers to a golf club’s ability to resist twisting at impact. With a higher MOI, a golf driver is less likely to twist as it strikes the ball, even if outside the center of the face.

Shaft Length

As said, the standard length for women golfers is 44 inches. Men have a longer standard of 45 inches, but either gender can opt for a longer length with the maximum permitted being 48 inches. This length is ideally guided by the actual height of the golfer. With women typically having a shorter average height, they are thus offered drivers that are either an inch or two shorter than for men.

Shaft Flex

When it comes to shaft flex, you might think that because there is a classification of ladies, this is the most ideal for all women golfers. This is a wrong assumption. Flex is best guided by swing speed.

For women with a slow swing speed of less than 80 mph, a ladies (L) flex is ideal. If you have a faster swing speed of 90 to 100 mph, then regular flex is best, and if higher than this at over 100 mph, a stiff flex is ideal. More flex is gained by shafts that are lightweight like graphite, while you will find those made with a heavier metal like steel having stiffer flex.


When it comes to material, the best golf drivers for women tend to be made of graphite or titanium. These materials make them lightweight golf drivers that are easier for ladies to swing and control. However, as said, if you have faster swing speeds, you will likely get better results with a heavier steel golf driver.

Female golfers have slower swings speeds than their male counterparts. On average, women clock 65 mph versus men who average 90 mph. This in turn means that women tend to achieve less distance when teeing off. With more lightweight and flexible drivers, women can swing better and make up for this lost distance.


When it comes to loft, women tend to have a harder time achieving high trajectory, hence it is easier to find ladies drivers in the 12° to 15° range. If you however have a fast swing speed, you will likely find a smaller angle of between 8° to 11° to be more suitable. This is because a faster swing provides more backspin and therefore dos not require enhanced loft.

How Drivers Should Be Used

Women’s drivers are best used at the tee when female golfers are trying to achieve the greatest trajectory, distance, and control. When teeing off, golfers are looking to hit the ball long and straight. This makes distance the most important factor when choosing a driver.

Since the golf ball will sit on the tee when being struck, it makes it easier to ensure good contact with the expanded sweet spot of the best womens driver. Golfers get to determine for themselves how high the ball is placed in comparison to the golf club, however, the higher it is, the higher a trajectory you are likely to get the ball to travel.

Tips for Choosing a Ladies Driver

While your golf shot is dependent on multiple factors, your choice of the golf club will certainly matter. It is important to find the right golf driver that will help you achieve the desired distance and fast ball speeds for a good tee shot. Unfortunately, many golfers today are drawn to whatever golf equipment is trending and looks good. Aesthetics are however not what you should focus on when trying to improve your game.

When choosing the best women’s driver, focus on these four features:

1.    Loft

Women tend to have slower swing speeds, making it ideal to choose a driver with a higher loft. You can easily find a ladies driver with loft angles of up to 15°or 16°. If you however have a better than average swing speed, you can opt for lower loft angles.

2.    Shaft length

Due to the shorter average height of women, shaft length on standard ladies’ drivers also tends to be shorter at 44 inches. If you are more petite you can find a driver that is 43 inches. Taller women can try longer golf club lengths that are standard for men, starting at 45 inches and topping out at 48 inches.

3.    Material

Graphite women’s drivers are more lightweight and therefore offer faster swing speeds for women. Women’s clubs are typically made using graphite as it is more lightweight than the steel often used for men’s clubs. The lightweight driver helps women to achieve faster swing speeds.

4.    Adjustability

With an adjustable club head, you can customize your driver to match your swing speed better. By making suitable alterations to the head’s weight, loft, and lie, you can gain better control over your trajectory. This flexibility makes investing in a more expensive yet adjustable driver worth the cost.

5 Best Women’s Golf Drivers for 2022

1.    Cobra Radspeed XB Women’s Driver

The Radspeed has a nicely rounded triangular-shaped head with CNC face milling with an infinity symbol centered. This adjustable driver is amongst the most forgiving in the market with 8 grams of fixed weight in the front and 14 grams in the back that can be boosted to 20 grams. There is added space between the weights to help deliver faster ball speed with more forgiveness.

It is a forgiving driver with a low center of gravity that can help with enhancing control of shots while enabling higher and longer ball flight. Its expanded sweet spot makes for much better chances of making good contact on striking the ball to achieve fast ball speed at maximum forgiveness.

It is available at lofts of 9°, 10.5°, and 12°. It has a shaft length of 45.75 inches and available flex of R, S, and X.

Overall, great for hitting straight and long shots, especially when properly adjusted to suit the golfer.


  • Good adjustability
  • Nice clean look
  • Lightweight yet stable feel
  • Great pricing
  • Ideal for low to high handicap golfers


  • Not much of an improvement on its earlier model

2.    Taylormade SIM2 Max Women’s Driver

The SIM2 Max is an improvement on the original Taylormade SIM Max in a couple of ways. First is in its larger face that has been boosted by 5%, providing even greater forgiveness and delivering more consistent straight hits. The second is its material use as its forged ring construction now incorporates the use of aluminum which is lighter by about 9 grams than the previous Taylormade SIM Max.

The SIM2 Max retains the speed injected twist face and asymmetrical MOI generator. It also has its logo on the crown which can come in handy when aligning. This is one of the best drivers with a good stable feel and more forgiveness even on worse strikes.

The SIM2 Max is available in lofts of 9°, 10.5°, and 12°.

Overall, a good all-round premium performer that makes it easier to achieve high launches, straighter ball flight, and more distance.


  • Adjustable loft sleeve
  • High launching
  • Longer shaft options than sim max


  • Highly priced
  • Dull sound

3.    Callaway Big Bertha Reva

Callaway Golf is renowned for producing some of the best ladies drivers for more distance. Part of this is thanks to their Jailbreak technology that utilizes two internal bars connecting the crown and sole that help stiffen the body and produce more impact load on the face. This jailbreak technology ensures more energy is delivered to the flash face, resulting in faster ball speeds with each strike.

This Callaway Golf model comes with a lower and forward center of gravity that reduces spin rate while increasing distance. It has a draw bias weighting profile that delivers a more linear shot shape with better accuracy.

It is available in lofts of 10.5°, and 12.5°. It has a club length of 44.75 inches and L flex.

Another good option if your goal is to achieve more distance more consistently. Best suited to high handicappers looking for a performance-enhancing driver.


  • Low spin
  • Increased distance
  • Jailbreak technology
  • Very forgiving face
  • Pleasing aesthetics


  • Expensive
  • Limited shot-shaping

4.    Pinemeadow PGX Ladies Offset Driver

If you are looking for an affordable performance-enhancing women’s golf driver, this is it. This 460cc oversized driver offers an expanded sweet spot that provides ample forgiveness. Its square face paired with offset technology help to deliver straighter and longer shots.

Weighing in at just 200 grams, it is a good lightweight and balanced option that does not sacrifice control. It delivers good ball flight and features anti-slice technology for executing perfect slice shots.

It is available in lofts of 10.5°. It has a club length of 44 inches and A, R, S, and X flex.

This is one of the best drivers if you are looking for a budget option that though is not exceptional in enhancing distance, does help deliver straighter shots and more accurate swings.


  • Attractive matte black finish
  • Delivers good ball impact for straighter shots
  • Crisp sound
  • Large sweet spot
  • Affordable


  • Not as good at enhancing distance
  • Short shaft

5.    Wilson D9 Women’s Driver

The humbly named Staff D9 features Wilson’s newest peak kinetic response club face design that has been fine-tuned into different fractural zones to deliver longer distance and higher ball flight with even off center strikes. The head has a low center of gravity and a choice of 10-gram and 3-gram weight options for the back for improved ball flight and better forgiveness.

It has a somewhat offset design that makes for straighter shots with good balance for an easy and comfortable swing. Has a ‘V’ marking on the crown for easy alignment.

The SIM2 Max is available in lofts of 9°, 10.5°, and 13°.

Considered one of the most forgiving drivers to come of the Wilson stable in recent years, it is great value for money that is ideal for mid to high handicappers.


  • Affordable
  • High forgiveness
  • Nice clean look


  • Lacks adjustability
  • Sharp sound

Tips for Hitting Your Driver Better

Whatever your handicap, you could always do with increasing your distance. While a ladies golf driver is customized to accommodate the differences between men’s and women’s golfing, you can also apply other strategies in trying to hit your driver better.

Widen Your Stance

The driver is the longest club you will use. Taking a wider stance can help to give you more balance throughout your swing, which you will need given the larger swing arc you will be looking to achieve at maximum speed. Try to get a solid base without overdoing it. Keep your feet just a bit wider than shoulder-width apart while your feet pointing slightly open. This pose will help make it easier to rotate and gain a good weight shift, as with the Reverse K position.

Try More Loft

The higher the loft on your driver, the better trajectory with low spin and more distance that can be achieved. Even for those that are mid to high handicappers, there is no shame in trying higher loft to see if it will help you gain more maximum distance.

Accelerate Correctly

Practicing at the driving range is a good way to learn when to accelerate. Accelerating at the wrong moment can deliver poor impact when what you want is to hit a bomb. You should reach the fastest ball speed just upon impact and not before

Alter The Ball Height

Since most drivers are used for teeing off, you have the option of being able to adjust the height of your ball before striking. If you have been experiencing low trajectory or pop-ups, consider raising the ball height so you are striking it more upward. Also, try to ensure the ball is directly in front of your stance off your front foot or beneath your left ear.

Try A Lighter Club

You can achieve faster swing speeds with a more lightweight club. Faster swing speeds will often result in greater driving distance and ball speed. Training with such a driver will also help accustom your body to fast movement and a better swing.


Perhaps because golf is not considered a highly vigorous activity, many players do not bother to stretch. This activity however has several benefits that can spill over to the actual golfing. The most important is to improve flexibility which is key to your body movement when playing. It can also help strengthen your muscles so you can deliver more powerful strikes. Make it a daily habit to practice golf stretches and you should soon see improvement in your golf game.

Use A Launch Monitor

This may be expensive to make regular use of, but practicing using this tool once in a while is a great way to get a handle on your statistics and better understand your swing dynamics. You can more accurately gauge your spin rates, launch angles achieved, clubhead speed, and smash factor. Many sporting goods stores and golf courses provide access to this equipment at affordable pricing to patrons.

Arch Your Back

Though this stance can look and feel like you are practicing bad posture, it may still be helpful to you if you have a problem with hip mobility. By simply arching your back more while relaxing your shoulders and leveling your hips you can find yourself better able to rotate your hips. It is a helpful pose for senior golfers, with younger players able to achieve a more neutral pose by relaxing their back after arching it the same way.

Raise Your Left Heel

When performing a backswing, simply raise your left heel. This encourages greater shoulder turn and more hip flexibility. You can gain better rotation in the backswing that delivers more powerful strikes to your golf ball. Turning your driver’s head in the backswing may also help to relieve tension in your neck and make your shoulders feel more flexible and free.

Boost Your Overall Fitness

The best golfers are those that are in peak physical condition. Do not consider golf to be your primary fitness activity. You gain much more benefits from adopting other fitness activities like training at the gym. You can target specific muscles and gain other benefits at will help improve on slow swing speeds and deliver more powerful swings.

Ease Your Grip

Lightening your grip at address may help by forcing your muscles to release tension in the forearms. When your muscles are tensed up, you cannot fully relax into a golf swing and will therefore lack power and probably score a slower swing speed. Take time to practice a looser grip on your driver at the golf range. With a little practice, you will master how to keep a lighter hold while still maintaining control.

Get Fitted Clubs

Fitted golf clubs, including women’s drivers, are tailor-made to deliver optimal performance of your swing. Rather than waste time trying out new clubs every time in an attempt to find the right fit, you can actually save money by identifying the best clubs that will improve your score from the get-go. The process is quick and you will see much improvement in your game fast.